Bit of a backstory

FindProductIdeas.com was formed early this year, sometime around May when it seemed the world was actually ending.

So it didn't necessarily end but alot had changed.

There's 3 of us who'd met on Reddit a while back, and we thought, "Hey, what can we do to get over what's going on? Like what business can we start right away which might actually work?"

Where do we get inspiration from (without doing too much work)?

We went through this and a lot of other questions...and the funny thing is that we couldn't come up with this one place where we could get ideas from - an "idea repository for lazy people". Did it exist?

Maybe...maybe not

Sure, there are lots of places where people discuss business, entreprenuership, startups etc. but all these places are distributed all over. From Facebook, Indiehackers, Twitter, Instagram, Discord groups, Telegram groups...and the list goes on...

And that's when we thought, if this doesn't exist, why not build one? (Disclaimer: We have since discovered that we are definitely not the only ones around, but what the heck!)

So that is how this email newsletter service was born.

We dig into all this places where business inspiration could be found, all those groups you may never have heard of and all those Twitter threads you probably were never part of, and so much more; research the heck out of them and distill that into a twice-monthly newsletter we call FindProductIdeas.com.

It is our hope you'll get to enjoy it..and better than that, that you will find something in there that you could actually build out into a business...

PS: If you do, please, please let us know how it turns out ;)

If you don't like what you get, simply unsubscribe anytime. We won't take it personally at all, we'll totally respect your decision. That said, how will you know how good it can get if you don't sign up?

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