WARNING: Are You Missing Out On
90% Of Your Profits?

Here's a fact: 90% of people online are missing out on 90% of their profits right now.

How? Let me explain...

Most people online these days are trying to make money from Google AdSense or selling other people's products (i.e. affiliate products).

Many of them might make a nice income from it and may be happy. But what they don't realize is that they're actually missing out on a LOT of profits... because they don't sell their OWN product.

Yes, if they would spend most of their time selling their very own product and growing their business, instead of making someone else money and growing someone else's business, they would make MUCH more money than now.

When you ask them why they don't sell their own product, some of them say:

"I'm doing just fine selling affiliate products and creating Google AdSense websites. So I don't need to sell my own product. Also it's too much of a hassle. "

If you agree with these people, please listen carefully because you're going to realize something very important that will change your business forever...

Look, I know you've worked hard on your affiliate marketing business so that it's making you this money.

I value your efforts because I've been there too and know how much commitment, time and energy it takes to become a successful affiliate.

On the other hand, if you're really serious about growing your business and making more and more money more easily, here's something to think about...

Just look at the big Internet marketing gurus who are making millions of dollars every year from their online business:

  • John Reese
  • Jimmy D. Brown
  • Marlon Sanders
  • Joe Vitale
  • John Delavera
  • Mike Filsaime
  • Derek Gehl
  • And so on...

What is their main focus in their business?

Is it affiliate marketing?

Is it Google AdSense?

Or is it creating and selling their own products?

Yes, their main focus is on the third one, right?

So what does this "proof" tell us?

Yes, it clearly shows that selling your own product is more profitable that selling affiliate products or Google AdSense. Because after all, these guys really know what they're doing and know where the most money can be made.

If they spend 90% of their time on creating and marketing their own products - NOT other people's products, NOT AdSense websites - it means they've found out selling your own product is way more profitable.

So tell me, if ALL the big winners are doing something, what does common sense tell YOU to do? That way... or the other?

"If I Showed You Other People, Just Like You,
Who Are Making A Fortune Online By Selling
Their Own Products... Would You At Least
Believe It Is Possible For You?"

Here are some amazing results other people - just like you - have reached by selling their own product on the Internet...

Willie Crawford launched a $47 ebook that did $59,876 in only 30 days

Mike Filsaime recently made over $1,500,000 ($1.5 million dollars) from his latest product launch (Butterfly Marketing course)

He actually made $500,000 of this amount in only 5 hours after his product launch, and $691,000 of it in less than 24 hours! (Can you imagine that?)

Len Foley makes over $20,000 per month from his membership sites

Russell Bronson did $70,000 in 14 days by selling his own product and using the power of joint ventures with some other people

Michael Cheney made $250,260 only in 7 days of launching his product: AdSense Videos

Frank Sousa made $37,583.65 in less than 24 days (even though he barely finished high school)

Sterling Valentine went from an unknown guy in the Internet marketing world to a well-known
top-rated expert, and made $140,000 in just a few days after the launch of his first product: "JV Formula"

John Reese sold $1,080,496.37 of his information product in less than 18 hours of its launch.

His product, Traffic Secrets, has also boosted his reputation so much that there's hardly anyone these days who hasn't ever heard of him and his big success.

Joe Vitale made $25,000 from selling his product through joint ventures from just one email.

He also sold 7,000 copies of his Spiritual Marketing books in less than 24 hours using one email strategy.

Gary Ambrose made over $8,000 within the first three days of releasing Nickel Mania.

And more and more success stories...

Heck, do I really need to go on?

Do you really need to see more success stories as proof to understand the huge potential of selling your own product about a hot topic?

The results you just saw are just a tiny example of the amazing successes that are happening on the Internet every day to people who sell their own products.

And these people are real, ordinary people - just like you and me. Heck, even some of them barely finished high school and many others didn't go to college.

So what does it tell you?

You see, it's not a question of "IF" you can make money from your own products. The REAL question is: "How much do you want to make?"

And also...

Do YOU want to be the next big success?









STOP And Answer This Life-Changing Question Right Now:

"Do You Want To Always Remain Just An "Affiliate" Selling Other People's Products And Growing Their Business...

Or, Do You Want To Finally Become A Respected Author And Boost Your Profits And Prestige?"

It's Time to Make Your Decision Today... Right Now!

Now, if you're completely happy with the amount of money you're making right now and don't want to make triple with less effort, and if you enjoy working on other people's business and like selling their product for them for a low commission...

... Then PLEASE do yourself (and ME) a big favor and STOP Reading This Letter RIGHT NOW And Please Hit "Back" On Your Web Browser.




What?! You're still reading this?

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