Have you always wanted to create your own hot-selling product to make more money and take your business success to the next level... but just don't know how? Then this letter is for you...

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"In the Next 5 Minutes, You're Going to Discover the #1 Giant Product Creation Monster that Is Keeping You from Creating Your Own Hot-Selling Products and Is Eating Thousands of Dollars of Your Profits Every Single Month...

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Ladan Lashkari


From: Ladan Lashkari
Date: Tuesday, 10:08 a.m.


Dear Friend,

Have you ever been eaten alive by the #1 giant monster in the Internet marketing world?

This big, black monster has eaten alive over 17,453 Internet marketers until this day...

I'm talking about honest, hard working Internet marketers who wanted to create their own successful product to bring their business to the next level. But they all had to fight this monster first.

Some of them won. Most of them didn't... and gave up.

So what is this monster that I'm talking about?

If you have ever thought about creating your own product or have created your own product, you have met it. So which of the following categories do you fall into?


You don't have your own product to sell online because you don't know what topic to create a product about that will become successful...

You do have your own product, but it's making you less than $500-$1,000 per month.

Over 95% of people who want to create their own product fall into one of the two above categories. So which category are you in?

If you are in one of the above categories, don't worry because in the next 5 minutes, you're going to discover how to save yourself and your business from this monster that is blocking your way to bigger success that you deserve.

Curious to know what this "monster" is?

It is...

Finding a hot-selling product idea.

Yes, that's right. Do you know why?

You know how important it is to create and sell your own products - instead of accepting to keep selling other people's products and grow their businesses.

(If you're still not sure if selling your own product is the most profitable business model online, click here to see more proof)

Well, in your journey to creating your own successful product, the first step is finding a great product idea - which is actually the most important step of the whole process.

But that's also where 95% of people are stuck and find it a big challenge.

Most people feel this step is standing like a big monster in front of them, keeping them from starting to create their own successful product to increase their income and take their business to the next level.

But the good news is, this step does NOT have to be difficult at all!

It can actually be very easy when you learn the proven formula to finding killer product ideas and hot niche markets that hundreds of successful infoproduct publishers are already using... and you're going to learn this formula on this page in the next 5 minutes.

But before that, let's see what is happening to you...


Here's a Sign to See If this Monster
Is Eating You Alive Now...

So you want to create your own product and are looking for a great idea for your product...

You try all the old market research methods like searching in Google, using Overture keyword suggestion tool, and so on...

You try to go to the "do what you love" path to find great ideas...

But none of these techniques helps you find the great product idea that you're looking for.

After spending weeks doing all types of brainstorming and research, you sometimes think about giving up the whole idea of creating your own successful products...

But then you can't let yourself give up because you're sick and tired of just trying to sell affiliate products and working hard to grow someone else's business, and get a low 50% commission or many times as low as 20% in return!

You may eventually choose an idea and create a product about a topic you thought would be very profitable, but after sitting for days and weeks of promoting it and waiting, you get only a few sales.

If ONE of the above explains your situation, then let me warn you...

The product idea finding monster is eating you alive right now.

As you learned earlier in this article, finding a hot-selling product idea is THE most important and also the most challenging step in the entire product creation process. Because your product idea has the power to make or break your product success.

It's a BIG step... and is a big challenge as well for most people.

That's why we call it a "monster".

So what can you do to defeat this monster that is eating your profits every day?

It's simple: You just need to learn the powerful proven formula to finding killer product ideas - the same formula that all successful product publishers use online...

Here Are 3 Common Ways People Use
to Find Product Ideas

Here are the 3 most common ways people follow to find good product idea to create their own products about. Discover which ones work and and which ones will only waste your time...

Product Idea Finding Technique #1:
Following the Same Old Advice Offered in Free Articles

Since this technique is free and seems to be easier, many people fall for it. But this is also the least effective way... and even sometimes dangerous.

Why dangerous?

Because the advice offered in free articles can hurt your business badly.

Also what most people don't realize is that these articles are not "free". They will actually cost you a lot of money in shape of lost profits that you could easily make if you created your product using a more powerful plan.

Also the ineffective advice will also lose you a lot of time... and time IS money.

Can you see how this option is not what you want if you're really serious about creating a real successful product using an effective system?

If you're still thinking about using this option, let me save you several months of your time and the hassle of trying it out by telling you what has happened to people who went this path (many of them have told me themselves).

So you can easily decide yourself if you want to go this way...

People who use this way to find product ideas usually just end up spending months of their time looking for ideas and then create a product about a topic they THINK is profitable... only to end up making hardly one sale!

So then they do one of the followings...

  • They become frustrated and disappointed and give up the whole idea of selling their own product and go back to lame business models like selling other people's products and making THEM money...

  • Some others try once again to find another product idea following the same free ineffective advice - thinking maybe they weren't just "lucky". So they again end up losing months of their valuable time...

  • But smart marketers realize this free advice is just worth what it costs: Nothing.

    So they go for a real powerful system like the 2 below to learn how to find real hot-selling product ideas...

Product Idea Finding Technique #2:
Using the Advice in General Product Creation eBooks

This technique is certainly much more effective and smarter. After all, you are going a step further and try to learn it from the experts themselves.

On the other hand, there's a problem here...

These general product creation ebooks only offer generic tips on how to CREATE a product - things like how to write an ebook fast, how to convert it to PDF, and how to set up a site to sell it online.

But they don't really talk about much is... yes, you guessed it right... is how to FIND hot-selling topics to create your product about, and that's what you're stuck for, right?

You can go ahead and spend $2,000+ on buying several general product creation ebooks and then spend 3 months trying what they teach to see it for yourself that how little ground they cover when it comes to finding killer product ideas.

But if you value your time much more than that, you might like to consider the third option that all smart product creators choose...

Product Idea Finding Technique #3:
Get Specialized Information on "Finding Product Ideas"

After all, why waste time on too generic advice out there when you can get your hands on the specific information you want instantly?

So congratulations! You just chose the smartest technique to learning how to find profit pulling product ideas, so it shows you're one of the few smart Internet marketers who can make wise decisions at the right time.

You understood that this is the exact information you're looking for, so you cut through all other ineffective techniques and went straight to the best one.

Now you can really learn a proven formula to finding product ideas that will work for you every time and helps you create several highly profitable products in a short amount of time.

And the good news is, I'm going to share with you how to get your hand on this specialized information in the next 5 minutes...

Which of the Following Do You Want
Your Product to Become...?

Today at this very moment, you have the chance to choose the level of success and profits our product will achieve.

So which one of the following you'd like your product to become?


The choice is yours... and it's easy: It all comes to your product idea.

It spells the difference between thousands of dollars per month or hardly one sale.

So which one do YOU choose?

Good News: This CAN Happen to You Too!

Yes! You too can learn how to find killer product ideas easily and in less than 24 hours from now.

It's just a matter of learning the step-by-step formula many successful product creators use to easily find product ideas that will sell like crazy.

How Would You Like to Have Mr. Product Idea Expert Sit Next to You and Help You in Every Step?

When you learn this formula in the next few minutes, you'll see that finding great product ideas won't be a monster for you - but you'll actually find it very easy.

Just imagine this formula will be like having an already-successful product creation expert sitting next to you and helping you in every step of the way to finding dozens of hot product ideas.

He will take you to the best product idea finding and market research websites and free resources, so you could see the most profitable product ideas right before your ideas.

If you had any questions, he would help you immediately.

If you found an idea and wanted to make sure it would sell very well, he would tell you.

He would take your hand and help you throughout the way so you could get not only one, but dozens of killer product ideas, so that you were excited which one to start with now! :)

Now having this guiding person next to you sharing you the insider tips and tricks to finding red-hot niche markets and creating product ideas for that market, you wouldn't have any worries in the world when it came to finding killer product ideas that are guaranteed to sell!

Well, the good news is, this "person" is here and you'll have him all to yourself in the next 5 minutes...



"How to Find Best-Selling
Product Ideas"

The only complete step-by-step course
that shows you a proven formula to
find hot-selling product ideas
on any topic, easily and fast!

You won’t find such a complete, all-in-one guide anywhere else. It shows you everything you need to know to be able to find your own profit pulling product ideas.

All the steps and techniques are so easy-to-understand and easy-to-follow that ANYONE can do it.

You'll not learn just some vague "theory" that may or may not work. But you will learn only lab-tested and surefire techniques that I have "personally" used to find tons of killer product ideas and create successful products.

You'll learn...

  • Learn the time-tested and proven 5-step formula that has been jealously guarded – which empowers you to find profit-pulling product ideas in record time.
  • The concept of using "idea generating resources", what they are and how using them will help you multiply your product ideas exponentially.
  • The 19 powerful idea generating resources that ALWAYS help you find tens of scorching hot product ideas – even if all creative thinking techniques didn't have a slightest impact on you.
  • The greatest secret all successful infoproduct gurus know, and how you can learn it it and use it to your advantage.
  • How to find out which of your product ideas sell most (and which ones don't), so you can focus on those ideas that will bring you most money… and avoid the rest. (This is VERY powerful!)
  • Should you go for your passion or money while looking for product ideas? (Hint: If you think like most people, the answer is NOT what you think!)
  • 5 sneaky little tactics to mine pure gold from online forums so that you can find lots of highly profitable product ideas easily and fast.
  • Why doing a "complete" market research helps you save weeks of your time… and exactly HOW to do it in 4 easy steps (After you learn this technique, you'll be amazed how powerful it is and feel sorry for 99% of people who don't know about it and are losing thousands of dollars because of this.)
  • The power of asking questions to get a lot of creative, killer product ideas, and how to use them for maximum effect.

… And many other killer tips and techniques!  

These are just tip of the iceberg comparing to all the great techniques that you’ll learn in How to Find Best-Selling Product Ideas!

But Will This Formula Really Work for You?
Here's PROOF!

I knew you were going to ask this. :)

You see, I have used this formula numerous times to find tens of great product ideas and have created several products following this formula, and they ALL turned to be a highly successful and money-making products.

Want proof? Here's a screenshot from my Gmail account in the 3 days after I launched one of my products: Ultimate Newsletter Templates....

Here's also another screenshot of my Gmail account for the sales made in 3 days after I launched my other product: Infoproduct Creation Secrets...

See how these products have easily made tons of sales in the first few days?

That's the power of creating your product about a hot idea.

Can you imagine this happening to every product YOU create... starting today?

Want More Proof that This Formula
Will Work for YOU?

It's Already Working for Many
Other People Just Like You!

Just check out these testimonials from other people who have tried this formula to see the results for yourself...

"My brain was filled with countless ideas..."

Jeff Casmer
Chicago, USA


I thoroughly enjoyed reading your e-book. It's
filled with great ideas on how to fill, create and develop a niche.

When I finished reading, my brain was filled with countless ideas on other businesses I could start and prosper with.

My favorite part was the "keyword tool" to find out if the product you came up with has a need in the market place and if its being searched for on the internet today.

Well done Ladan!

"Just this one strategy will save me literally months of testing and 'trial and error'..."

Chris Rempel
Marketing Consultant


Your course on product creation was truly excellent...

Now, being that I've got a fair bit of experience when it comes to direct marketing and product development in a variety of niches, I have to say that while I was expecting a great, informative course - I wasn't really expecting to be "blown away" by what you had to share. (For the simple reason that I've done this for years...)

Was I ever mistaken...

Your simple strategy on page 48 for finding product ideas that consumers actually publicly "vote for" with their money was, to put it lightly, mind-blowing.

I can't believe that resource just been sitting there underneath my nose all this time. Because it's one thing to find something that people want - but it's another thing entirely to find out what people will actually PAY for - and exactly how much.

Just this one strategy will save me literally months of testing and "trial and error" for every new project I undertake.

And I can't even begin to put a price on that...

Thank you, Ladan.

"She answers just about every question
that you really want answered..."

Sharon and Roy Montero
SEO, Blogging and Networking Experts
California, USA
760-378-2539 (Pacific)



Ladan has done an excellent job in laying out a step-by-step program with detailed instructions about how you can determine if a particular niche business is just right for you or not.

If you think that choosing a profitable niche for yourself is as simple as using your favorite keyword research tool to check for the "popularity" of a set of keyword phrases, then think again.

Ladan will have you pondering questions that you may never have thought to ask. In fact, she answers just about every question that you really want answered before you set out on your journey to discover your most profitable niche(s).

We heartily recommend Ladan and wanted to share with you that she is the real deal.

"I now have 36 product ideas all of which
I expect to make money from..."

Hi Ladan,

All the gurus talk about how important it is to have your own product but what they don’t tell you is how to come up with product ideas. Thankfully your ebook solves that problem.

After following your step by step guide I now have 36 product ideas all of which I expect to make money from.

Thank you!

Richard Paley
Stockport, United Kingdom

"It's easy to read, easy to follow, and easy to achieve the results you promise..."

Case Stevens




My first objective was: how can a lady so young present herself as a marketing expert?

After reading your book, I understand that this must be true. You really know your stuff! It's easy to read, easy to follow and easy to achieve the results you promise.

Keep up the good work. You're getting there!

"It is very easy to follow and ALL you
need to become successful..."


I was skeptical at first before buying your ebook "How to Find
Best-Selling Product Ideas", but as you offered a 100% money-back guarantee if not satisfied, I ordered it.

What I found in your ebook was excellent! All tips, links, and step by step advice on how to find infoproduct ideas. It is very easy to follow and ALL you need to become successful in finding great ideas.

From what I've learned, I'm sure I can find the next top seller product idea that everyone is looking for! I'm going to create and sell it this year.

Thanks again!

Steve Suard

"A very good step by step guide on how to
come up with profitable ideas..."

Hi Ladan,

Your course was original and contained good solid information on generating product ideas. It would be difficult for anyone not to come up with at least one or two ideas to research and develop. Also, it was well written and nicely laid out with what you need and no fluff.

I particularly enjoyed your comments about what to look at when going through the various resources. You provided me with new ways to think about various resources and how they can be used to generate ideas. The section on doing complete market research was also very useful.

Overall it was a very good step by step guide on how to come up with profitable ideas. The bonuses made it even more value for money. Well done!

William F.
Hong Kong

After You Experience The Power of This Formula Yourself, Your Business Will Never Be The Same!

When I discovered this step-by-step formula, I went from zero ideas to 53 killer product ideas that I didn't know which one to start with!

All of this is 100% because of the information I'm revealing in this course. It alone contains what brought me success in the infoproduct publishing business online.

And the best thing about this formula is that ANYONE can duplicate this success, if they simply follow each step and the techniques in this course.

Things like...

  • Why forums are a goldmine of hidden, untapped highly profitable niche markets -  and HOW you can milk them for all they're worth.

  • One little trick to use when doing keyword research to get your hands on a whole treasure of highly profitable yet untapped niches.

  • 3 simple strategies you can use to create a winning product in a highly competitive market that is also highly profitable.

  • The one question you must avoid at all cost when looking for product ideas, because it will mislead you and give you a list of poor ideas that won't sell. (You'll also learn the "right" question to ask to be flooded with a flood of profit-pulling product ideas.)

  • The most common error people commit when finding product ideas that can spell the difference between success and failure (if you're looking for product ideas, chanced are you are committing this one error right now!

  • The difference between niche markets and product ideas, and how to know "when and where" to look for either of them. You'll also get 5 examples to make EVERYTHING crystal clear.)

  • The one specific place to find a goldmine of awesome product ideas and even title ideas for your ebook (you'll be amazed how you haven't seen this great resource that has been just under your nose!)

  • The new 5-step product idea generating checklist that I have never revealed before, to help you find tons of killer product ideas in easily in record time (it's so easy to follow that even a 7-year-old kid can use it too!)

  • 3 "do or die" product creation elements that you must master before looking for product ideas

  • The one secret you need to know to find product ideas that are far more killer and hot-selling. (Don't even think about looking for product ideas before you at least start to learn this one secret.)

... And this is just the tip of the iceberg!

The more you read this letter, the more you feel excited because you can’t wait to get your hands on this valuable information!

But don't worry! We'll get to the good part soon...

... And Believe It Or Not, That's Just Half Of What
You Will Learn In The Whole Course!

Here are some more things you're going to learn...

  • 5 specific steps you need to take to go from absolutely zero ideas to a ton of killer product ideas that you're sure will sell like crazy (you won't believe your mind can give you so many killer ideas so fast!)
  • The one method you must avoid when looking for product ideas at all cost or they will mislead you and give you a list of poor ideas that won't sell. (You'll also learn the "right" way to do it.)
  • How to break the writer's block barrier when brainstorming for product ideas and turn your mind into a super-speed idea generating machine… so fast that your hand can't keep up with the speed of the flood of ideas!
  • Understanding a common product idea finding technique that does NOT work 99% of the time… and yet 99% people use it when looking for killer product ideas. (You also learn a very effective alternative way that ALWAYS works like crazy!)
  • A complete product idea generating checklist you take a look at quickly and build a list of profit-pulling prod cut ideas anytime you want just in less than an hour.
  • One little trick to use to multiple the number of ideas you get from brainstorming, so that you have lots of more ideas which means you can create more best-selling products.
  • The #1 most overlooked method for finding out if your product idea will really sell, so that you save months of your valuable time because you now know which idea to focus on.
  • How you can find a killer product idea in less than an hour and laugh all the way to the bank.
  • Why you should NOT use Google to find out how much competition a market has. (99% of people give away money by doing this. Here's a much better way to find out all about your competition.)
  • The #1 mistake most infoproduct publishers make when it comes to looking for their competition. (If you discover the real number of the competition in each niche market, you can easily choose the most profit-pulling markets... but you'll lose your shirt if you don't pay attention to certain elements.)

... And much more great tips and tricks!

Seriously- I wish I was in your place! I wish someone had already compiled all these wealth of information and such an easy-to-use step by step formula to find killer product idea easily and fast back when I was getting started and spent months of my time looking for killer product ideas and testing them.

I wish I was as lucky as you are now and would come across a website where such a complete course was offered to me to get it in less than 5 minutes... then I wouldn't even waste a micro-second and just do whatever I could to get my hands on that course!

Warning: Do NOT Buy Any Product Idea Generating Solution Unless It Meets The Following 6 Criteria!

It's easy to get confused when you want to find profitable product ideas and find a course that claims it will going to help you find a lot of hot-selling ideas.

Here are 6 elements you absolutely, positively must consider before paying them even 1 penny:

One: It must show you a step-by-step formula, NOT some scrambled notes and tips here and there that just leave you confused where to start and what to do next.

It must really take you by the hand and show you exactly how to take each step in an easy to understand language (preferably with a lot of examples and even screenshots).

"How to Find Best-Selling Product Ideas" is a complete
step-by-step guide that shows you a proven, easy to follow formula to find your own killer product ideas.

Two: It should show you how to get the results you want fast! You don't want to spend months to finally get some results. You want to be able to do it fast - even in less than 24 hours!

After all, we Internet marketers have more important things in life to do, like playing golf and going on vacation. :-)

The step-by-step formula that you're going to learn in the next few minutes is so powerful that you will get a lot of best-selling ideas just in less than a few hours. Yes, it's that powerful!

Three: It must be proven to work.

Not only this formula is proven to work for me and all the people who you see their testimonials on this page, but all other infoproduct publishing experts are secretly using it too to create their empire of best-selling products.

So if it works for so many people in all walks of life, it will definitely work for you too!

Four: Other ordinary people must have used the formula and must be very happy with the results they received. So if it's working great for others, it's very likely that it will work for you too!)

You can see many great testimonials throughout this letter from real, ordinary people - just like you - who have used and profited from this formula and are very happy about the results they've got.

Five: The person who has written the course must be following his formula. In other words, he must be practicing what he preaches. After all, if the formula is really effective, he should be using it himself, right?

I certainly use this exact step-by-step formula EVERY time I'm looking for a product idea... and it works like a charm every time!

I've created a lot of information products online using this exact formula - from ebooks, to software programs, audio interviews, and more.

Six: It should be a one-time investment and then must be able to pay for itself over and over.

So that after you get your hands on that information, you can benefit from it over and over to create killer products and profit from it forever... without spending any more penny.

How to Find Best-Selling Product Ideas is definitely a one-time investment. So once you get this course in the next few minutes, it's yours to profit from forever!

What Would That Mean To You?

What would it mean to you if you could get 10, 20, even 50 hot-selling product ideas and create several profit-pulling products and make several thousands of dollars every month in addition to what you're already earning?

What would it mean to you to create a product that is so hot that receives a 7% conversion rate instead of a miserable 0.5% for a poor idea? It means you'll get 13 more orders for every 100 visitors you receive.

That would be 130 more sales in every 1000 visitors! A big difference in money, isn't it?

Simply because a winning product idea!

What would a $10,000 increase in your monthly income do for your business...your family...your life?

What will it mean for you to be able to spend more time with your family because of all the months you saved in finding a product idea?

What would it mean to you to enjoy your life and your time with your family more when you know your hot-selling product is selling like crazy online at this very moment?

So you WANT this to happen to you as soon as possible, right?

You want these results sooner rather than later, right?

Act Now And Grab 3 HOT Bonuses…

bulletSpecial Bonus #1:

Million Dollar Product Creation Secrets Interview
($47 Value, Yours FREE!)

If two of the most successful Internet marketing gurus who have made millions of dollars selling their products online agreed to come to you and reveal their insider secrets, would you be interested?  


Then great! Because big Internet marketing gurus, Shawn Casey and Jeff Paul are just going to show you everything from A to Z on how to create killer information products and sell them to make big profits online! Inside this 24-page interview, you’ll discover…

  • Top insider secrets to creating hot-selling information products and making huge profits by selling them on the Internet.

  • 3 powerful strategies to have your own product to sell without writing a single word yourself!

  • How to benefit from the power of bonus offers to boost your sales.

  • One of the biggest mistakes people make when choosing a price for their product which makes them lose thousands and thousands of dollars and also lose their credibility. Are you sure you’re not making this mistake?

  • How to make big profits by putting a high price on your product and still have people really want to buy it!

  • How to use joint venture to easily create your own product in a very profitable niche that you have little or no information about!  

… And much more killer tips and techniques!

bulletSpecial Bonus #2:

Niche Fortune Exposed Special Report
($97 Value, Yours FREE!)

More and more people are turning to selling niche products because we clearly see how many people are making real fortunes by targeting niche markets.  

This 32-page report will show you step-by-step how exactly you can start your own highly profitable niche business. You’ll discover…

  • How to get instant content to create your products and start selling them to make money in no time!
  • 3 effective methods to drive a lot of quality, targeted traffic to your website.
  • A powerful 4-step niche fortune formula that will maximize your profits!
  • 4 killer techniques to capture your visitors’ email address and grow your opt-in list FAST!
  • A step-by-step tutorial on how to use autoresponders to multiple your sales and maximize your profits.
  • 6 powerful techniques to establish a strong relationship with your customers and subscribers. Once you succeed to build trust with them, you can easily sell your products to them again and again!
… And when you order “How to Find Best-Selling Product Ideas”, not only you grab your copy of Niche Fortune Exposed, but you also receive full master resale rights to this valuable ebook which means you can sell it and keep 100% of the profits!

bulletLimited-Time Special Bonus #3:

FREE 30-Minute One-on-One Consulting with Ladan Lashkari to Help You Create Your Own Highly Profitable Product
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Want to create your own product to make more money and take your business to the next level? Want to find a hot-selling product idea?

Then this is an opportunity you don't want to miss.

As a respected product creation expert, Ladan charges $300 an hour for her consulting services to show people just like you how to create their own highly successful products to increase their income dramatically.

Now you can learn powerful tips and ideas for YOUR business plus get the answers to your most important product creation questions with this 30-minute free one-on-one phone consulting with Ladan.

Since her time is extremely limited, this free 30-minute interview will be available for a very limited time only. So if you don't take advantage of this opportunity today, you may as well lose it tomorrow.

The choice is yours.

"OK, I Don't Want to Miss Out on All the Red-Hot Product Ideas I Can Get by the Next Few Hours. Tell Me How Much This Powerful Course Costs..."

OK, just let me ask you this question first...

“What’s It All Worth to YOU?”

What’s it worth to you to finally discover how to find hot-selling product ideas and create your very own highly profitable products?

What’s a killer idea that you can turn into a best-selling product and cash in a big fortune really worth to you?

Maybe it’s worth $1,000. Maybe $5,000… or if the idea is really profitable, it’s definitely worth $10,000. After all, you’ll make that money by selling your best-selling product in a short time and after that it will be pure profit.

Now what’s it worth to you to have 5 of those killer product ideas that are guaranteed to sell like crazy? What about 10 hot-selling ideas?

Heck, now what’s it worth to you to get your hands on a proven, step-by-step formula that shows you how to find hundreds of such killer product ideas?

How can you put a price tag on such invaluable insider information?

You can’t!

But since to sell something, you need to put a price on it, then I think it would be more than fair if you can get this valuable course for only $997. You can easily make that amount in a week with a successful product… and after that, it's going to be pure profit!

But I’m NOT going to ask for this much.

So it really can't be less than $397, can it? Many people would say it's crazy to give away all this valuable information for such a low price.

… But guess what? I'm not going to ask you for $397 either – even though I know it’s worth much more!

Guess what this unique, special course is being sold for?

Just $97. Yes, I know this is less than 1/20th of what you would have to pay to buy top product creation courses out there to learn 1/10th of what you'd learn here.

Yes, I know we more than doubled the value of this package with the special bonuses we added in there. And yes, I know this revolutionary, mind blowing course is worth 10 times more than this price because with your own best-selling products, you can make tens of thousands of dollars - even millions.

But frankly I don't care. I wanted to make this thing as affordable as possible for you. So you can put this information to use and start seeing results today.

Did I mention the $30 discount?

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P.S. Nobody will tell you if your product idea sucks. They'll just laugh, ignore you, and leave your website forever.

The only thing you see is that you spend your valuable time and hard-earned money bringing targeted traffic to your site but are not making even just one single sale.

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So why take this risk and lose all this money and time when you can easily start with a winning, best-selling idea from the very first step... so that people eagerly rip out their wallet and race to pay you their money to get their hands on your powerful product?

Heck, do I even need to go on? Isn't this a real no-brainer?

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